about mixology on a mission

Philanthropic Cocktailing. What could be better?

Our Philanthropic Cocktailing Story


You know those fundraisers where you learn to cook, or paint, or something along those lines?  Those are much more fun than “rubber chicken” dinners and boring receptions.  So why not cocktail lessons?

My wife Laura and I built a bar in our house to make cocktails while watching football with our friends, the “Football Lokas.”  (Okay, some of them come only for the cocktails.)  We love to host parties and support good causes.  Cocktail-lesson-themed fundraising was a logical next step.  We learned about cocktail lessons at Two Sisters Bar & Books in San Francisco, and stocked up on bar tools at Barkeepers in Silverlake.  Then, it was just a matter of choosing the non-profits we would invite. 

We support many causes, but we are especially interested in new and small non-profits.  We want to help them continue to do good work while cultivating non-traditional donors—people who do not see themselves as donors or who do not have a history of charitable giving.  More importantly, we like building new communities of people who support the things we support. 

So here we are, Mixology on a Mission, fundraising through cocktailing and lots of fun!